Sales offer

Drewnex sales offer firewood Firewood

We sell firewood in lumps stacked on pallets.

Dimensions of a pallet:

100 x 100 x 100 cm

Wood is cut and split into billets, 30-35cm each (other lengths - agreed individually).










600 PLN/CBM netto



670 PLN/CBM netto


600 PLN/CBM netto

600 PLN/CBM netto

490 PLN/CBM netto

490 PLN/CBM netto


- 0% VAT rates for the European Union countries
- 23% VAT for countries outside the European Union

- wood has about 30% humidity

Loading capacity of our truck - 48 pallets.

Extra payment:
- Transportation abroad -price agreed individually.

Payment methods:

Michał Załęcki
tel. 00 48 571 550 786
e-mail :

Drewnex sales offer firewood Firewood

Drewnex - your supplier of firewood!

Are you looking for wholesale quantities of firewood? Are you worried about the lack of raw material and its constantly rising prices? Forget about these problems and get familiar with our offer. Polish manufacturer of wood - Drewnex will provide a constant supply of wood to your fuel depot, wholesaler or store.

Drewnex company is one of the largest manufacturers of firewood in Poland. For two decades we have been supplying domestic and foreign wholesale customers from as many as 10 countries (including Germany, Austria, Holland, Belgium, France, Italy). We are a proven and reliable partner that puts customer satisfaction and the highest quality products first. We use only the highest quality wood sourced from State Forests throughout Poland, certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), which is indisputable proof of the origin of our raw material only from legal sources. 

In our year-round wholesale offer we have wood from the most popular deciduous tree species - oak, birch, beech, ash, hornbeam, and coniferous - pine and spruce. Fireplace and firewood from Drewnex is perfect for fireplaces, boilers and wood stoves- both modern, ecological and traditional.  

Modern production

We process 150,000 m3 of wood per year, the cubic capacity of our drying chamber is 2,000 m3, and a team of more than half thousand qualified employees works on the highest quality of our products. We have a modern and innovative production line equipped with 10 Hakki Pilke sawing machines, which allows us to process almost any order. Depending on the customer's wishes, the wood is split into three or more pieces with an average length of about 30 cm. We also attach great importance to the packaging and transportation of our products. To this end, we have developed our own box-pallet formula. As a result, each spatial meter of firewood is arranged tightly and precisely in rows- during delivery reaches even the most distant destination.

You order, we deliver!

Another of our strengths is our extensive transportation fleet, which already has more than 100 vehicles and is being consistently expanded. Literally in recent days it has been supplemented by five more Volvo trucks adapted for long-distance transportation. All this makes our capacity almost unlimited. With each of our trucks we can ship as many as 48 pallets of firewood at a time. We meet the expectations of even the most demanding contractors! If you are wondering where to buy cheap lumber, you have come to the right address. You can be sure that we will fulfill your demand for oak wood, beech wood or birch wood for your fireplace, stove or boiler.   


Wholesale of wood for fireplaces and stoves is carried out by contacting our specialist at +48 571 550 786 or by email at You will find out what is the calorific value and price of the selected 1m3 firewood, what is the price of transport, what is the cost of the entire order, what special offers we have or what discounts we offer. In addition, on the blog you will find many interesting publications related to the sale and purchase of firewood and fireplace heating. Here you will learn how to find good firewood, what kind of firewood to choose, what kind of wood burns best in a fireplace, what is the calorific value of firewood, what is the calorific value of wood, what is seasoned firewood, how firewood is stored and dried, what are the properties of different species of wood and, of course, where to buy firewood. On our fireplace blog you will also find tips on how to quickly light up a fireplace or how to prepare your fireplace for the winter season.